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Paul Niemann


“If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you!” – Gary Thomas  


Article # 1:    “Overcome Procrastination”
By Paul Niemann of MarketLaunchers.com

When I visited Our Nation’s Capitol recently, I saw what I thought was one of my customer’s inventions right there in front of my eyes.  

The product was a countdown light at intersections, designed to let you know how much time you had remaining to cross the street. It started at 45 seconds and counted down to 0. What a great idea!  

So I called my customer up and asked him if this was his product, or if someone else was working on the same thing. He explained that his product was designed for drivers, while the one that I saw was for pedestrians, and that these countdown lights are all over California already.  

It made me think of a solution to a problem that many people have – procrastinating. For example, we put off making those phone calls to manufacturers, distributors, and other people who can help put our products on the market. We tell ourselves things like:  

*          “We still have more design work to do”

*          “What if it fails – after all the time and money I’ve put into it?”

*          “I’m just not ready yet”

*          Etc., etc., etc.  

Here’s something else you might want to tell yourself: “Someone else might be working on an identical version of my invention, right this very minute – so I better get going.” Some very successful inventors have had to deal with competitors on similar versions of their inventions at the same time.  

For example, Philo Farnsworth had 2 competitors trying to beat him in the race to develop television. Telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell beat his main competitor, Elijah Gray, to the patent office by only 2 hours. And Thomas Jefferson wasn’t the first person to develop the incandescent lightbulb. That honor went to a British man named Joseph Swan, who went into business with Edison briefly.  

So instead of procrastinating, next time tell yourself that someone else might be working on a similar product and that the riches go to the person who gets it to market first.  

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