Robert J. Lemire earned a degree in Nuclear Engineering from Lowell University in 1971. He is an international expert in the design, construction, and operation of large central station electric power plants around the world. He is also a certified clinical engineer with a patent for a laser imaging system: U.S Patent # 5,876,339    Apparatus for optical breast imaging 

Mr. Lemire has over 25 years experience as a champion of innovation and creativity in the electric power industry. His work has earned him numerous awards for innovative designs and processes. A patented inventor, Mr. Lemire has served as author and presenter for a variety of peer-review technical papers on cutting-edge technology subjects. He has also authored numerous articles on picture hanging that have appeared in most of the Jan - Dec, 2001 issues of "Framing Business News".

Mr. Lemire's efforts to foster innovation and creativity at major engineering firms have been the subject of reports by the national news media. His techniques to spur the inventive process have been featured in a variety of professional and popular publications, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Lemire is currently the CEO of Hangers & Hangman. This company has been an outgrowth of the need to hang pictures so that they were perfectly aligned with one another. There were no products in the marketplace so Mr. Lemire invented several of them. The best ones are about to go into full-scale production.


Spring-loaded hanging system
supporting a frame on the wall: