THE ONLINE INVENTOR -- July 2006 Issue


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“Find help launching your invention at your local college”

Paul Niemann of MarketLaunchers.com


A couple weeks ago, I suggested the idea of hiring a telemarketer to make your phone calls for you in your licensing efforts. Here’s another idea, one that’s been working well for me …


Contact a local college or university to find a student to help you in your business. My recommendation is to start with the business department and, in particular, a marketing professor. Ask for the name of a student(s) who might be able to help you in the launch of your new product. Most marketing professors are able to recommend someone.


MBA students are your best bet. When I was getting my MBA, our marketing professor had us do group projects related to marketing. The one I worked on involved helping a client launch a new product onto the market. The client paid for the expenses but not any wages to us.


We did market research, made our recommendations and put them in a report and presented it to the client. 


Fast forward to the present. I’ve been hiring marketing students to help me in my business for 3 years now. It has worked out very well, and they appreciate the experience they get. We set it up as an internship, and I pay them, too. It’s a win-win situation. The students, buy the way, are not even MBA students; they are undergraduates.


In the interest of full disclosure, I admit that it’s a bit easier to find good students to work for me because I teach marketing at a local university, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding a student or two to help you.


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Paul Niemann runs MarketLaunchers.com, building web pages for inventors. Having your own web page allows you to show your invention to companies when you’re unable to present it to them in person. It can serve as your “online brochure.” Plus, it can be seen by companies who search the MarketLaunchers.com Invention Database for new products.