Rotatable Reloading Roundtable / Electrical Equipment Table available for sale or license: U. S. Patent # 5,535,684

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Rotatable Reloading Roundtable / Electrical Equipment Table:

The Rotatable Reloading Roundtable and work bench is capable of rotating in either direction and allows the user to secure various components for easy access. It was originally invented and manufactured for using power tools (bench grinders, drill press, etc.) with its revolving surge-protected outlets. Recently, a need was identified for the reloading enthusiast who does not have a work bench capable of permanently securing the various reloading components.

The Rotatable Reloading Roundtable is affixed to the upper portion of a lazy susan. Using the lazy susan concept, the Rotatable Reloading Roundtable allows the user to have easy and convenient access to four different positions, each supporting a different reloading component. One station can hold the press; the second station can hold the case trimmer; the third station can hold a bench-mounted priming tool; and the fourth station can hold the powder measure. After rotating one full circle, all necessary functions for reloading metallic cartridges are complete. Simply rotate the table another time to the reloading press and seat the bullets.

The Rotatable Reloading Roundtable can be rotated in either direction. The surge protector electrical outlet can be used for electric powder dispensers or a small high intensity work light, or it can be removed completely.

The design is simple and uncomplicated, able to take advantage of existing technology inexpensively. The table top is a double-laminate material, 1.25" in thickness, 30" in diameter. The table legs are square tube steel and can be completely disassembled using a 7/16" wrench. Assembly is simple since all connections are numbered and easy to follow. When fully assembled, the table top is 36" high, identical to that of a typical work bench, and weighs approximately 80 pounds.

Product Description:
A support stand having four legs, the upper extent of each leg being coupled to a cross bar with an upwardly-extending shaft, a support plate being formed in a planer configuration, a bearing being positioned on the upwardly-extending shaft at the bottom to permit easy rotation of one segment with respect to the other.

The worktable includes a pull handle to facilitate rotation to the desired position, a six-outlet power strip with built-in circuit breaker and lighted switch, having a 3-foot cord with 14.3 gauge wire, a spring-loaded swing arm lamp, and two rubber wheels mounted on two of the legs for easy movement of the table.

The six-outlet power strip is attached to the top of the pipe shaft in such a manner that tool cords do not wrap around when turning the table top. The 3-foot cord protrudes through the pipe shaft below the table.

The spring-loaded swing arm lamp is mounted on the top of the six-outlet strip, enabling it to be positioned where desired.

The two wheels are installed on the rear two legs. By picking up the front part of the table, it can be wheeled to any location very easily.

Material Specifications:
Table Top:  1-1/4" thickness and 30" in diameter; finished in gray melamine with a gray "T" type molding on the edge. (NOTE: GUNS Magazine quoted 1 " thickness). Strength is approximately 1,000 lbs. per square inch.

Legs:  1" .020 square steel tubing.
Leg bracing:  3/4" .060 square steel tubing.
Cross bars:  1 " .020 square steel tubing.
Support plate:  12" x 12" x  3/16" flat steel stock.
Shaft:  1.5" round steel tubing.

Additional Information:
Table height:  Approximately 36".
Total weight:  Approximately 80 pounds.
Stand finish:  Gray
Assembly instructions and hardware included.

Pricing Schedule:  Complete Reloading Table or Tool Table:  $369.95
Electrical plug strip:  20.00
Light:  20.00
Wheels:  20.00

Delivery date is approximately 2 - 3 weeks upon receiving your order.

The inventor is looking for a licensee 

Inventor:  Bonnie John, 1861 Morton Ct., Lincoln, NE 68521
Phone:  (402) 742-5336
[email protected]

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