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Since the process of inventing and commercializing your invention is as much of an art as a science, the tips found here each week will benefit novice inventors as well as experienced inventors.  Be sure to check back to this page for a new invention tip each week.

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March 12 -- March 18:     DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT PROGRAM:

Publisher's Note:    We often hear about the USPTO's Disclosure Document Program, but some inventors are still unfamiliar with how it works. In this week's Invention Tip of the Week, we explain what it is and how it works, taken straight from the USPTO.


Under its Disclosure Document Program, the USPTO accepts and preserves for a two-year period papers disclosing an invention pending the filing of an application for patent. This disclosure is accepted as evidence of the date of conception of the invention, but provides no patent protection. The disclosure is limited to written matter or drawings on paper or other thin, flexible material, such as linen or plastic drafting material having dimensions or folded to dimensions not to exceed 8.5 by 13 inches (21.6 x 33.0 cm). Photographs are acceptable. Each page should be numbered. Text and drawings should be reproduction quality. The disclosure must be accompanied by a separate paper in duplicate, signed by the inventor, stating that he or she is the inventor and requesting that the material be reviewed for processing under the Disclosure Document Program and accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope with the required fee. The duplicate paper will be stamped with an identifying number and returned for the inventor's record. The disclosure will be kept in the Office for two years and then destroyed unless referred to in a separate letter in a related patent application. The fee is payable to the Commissioner


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