"Easy Climb" Incline Anti-Rollback System for Wheelchairs:

Easy Climb is a hub-mounted bi-directional, anti-rollback for manual wheelchairs when operated on inclines. Three- position shift lever for anti-rollback works in forward, reverse or neutral for normal wheelchair operation. Adaptable to almost all makes of chairs by modifying the axle attachment, and fits within dimensional confines of wheelchairs. Lightweight, silent, and friction- free.

Easy Climb:

Easy Climb incline anti-rollback system for wheelchairs was developed to fill a need for manually-operated wheelchairs to negotiate inclines without roll-back. Normal operation of a wheelchair results in roll-back on an incline as the operator releases his/her grip on propulsion ring to prepare for a new grip to maintain forward motion. This momentary release allows the wheelchair to roll-back down the incline causing safety concerns, extreme difficulty, and extra energy expended to negotiate the incline.

Before attempting an incline with Easy Climb, the operator moves a three position lever to engage the incline anti-rollback system. Engagement is bi-directional, e.g. the chair can be operated in either direction - depending on placement of shift lever. This lever allows anti-rollback in forward motion, anti-rollback in reverse motion, and normal operation.

Bi-directional anti-rollback is needed to provide for traversing the occasional incline that proves too steep for forward travel (e.g. the chair tries to tip over backwards due to the steepness of the incline). Negotiating the incline in a reverse direction positions the wheelchair to prevent tip-over and a bi-directional anti-rollback device will provide the anti-rollback required to operate the wheelchair in reverse direction.

Easy Climb fills a need for an incline anti-rollback system for wheelchairs. It is easily operated and effective. When incline anti-rollback action is not desired, Easy Climb can be shifted into a neutral position and wheelchair operated in normal manner.

Easy Climb will allow extra freedom to wheelchair users, help to conserve their energy, increase their safety, and lower their frustration level as they negotiate inclines. An increase in self-sufficiency for wheelchair users will be obtained by using Easy Climb as there will be less need for assistance when operating on inclines.

Easy Climb operates quietly and efficiently, adds very little weight, adds small percentage to overall cost, and fits in the established confines of wheelchair design. It is readily adaptable to wire spoke design or cast wheel and spoke design. Easy Climb can be fitted to many designs of wheelchairs by modification of axle in respect to its attachment method to the wheelchair.

The inventor's name is H.R. Helm. Please contact MarketLaunchers.com at 800-337-5758 for his phone number.

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