The Batting Sleeve Sensor is a new invention available for sale or license:

The Batting Sleeve Sensor allows users to analyze their hitting and make adjustments faster. The device takes only a few seconds to slip over an existing bat before a user can swing away as usual. Any athlete who plays a sport using a bat and wishes to see where there may be room for improvement would appreciate this productís cost-effective design.

When baseball, softball or cricket athletes take batting practice, most of the time they are unsure where exactly the ball is striking the bat during a practice session. Without that information, it may be difficult for an athlete to adjust his or her swing to improve hitting performance. A more accurate method for collecting batting data is necessary.

The Batting Sleeve Sensor is a device that can provide users with data about his or her batting technique. The product may be comprised of a thin piece of nylon or other suitable material that slips over the bat. The nylon may be divided into four sections, to better map the hits, and have sensors embedded in the fabric. The invention may also include a memory card that slips into a pouch in the nylon material, and then rests against the handle of the bat. The card may be capable of saving all the statistics collected during a batting session. A user may take the memory card and plug it into a computer, where they can retrieve the information about the placement of each hit. Once the report is in, he or she may be able to make the proper adjustments to his or her swing and stance. The exact specifications for this invention may vary.

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The Batting Sleeve Sensor is available for sale or license
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