GripGlass Licensee Page -- Why Drop, Lose or Forget Your Glasses Again?

What Is Requested From Licensee?

In retrospect, this invention has the undeniable potential to attract an enormous number of eyewear users because of its' very simplistic functionality and the numerous advantages it provides. In fairness to the inventor, any seriously potential licensee must execute (sign) a "CONFIDENTIAL DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT" before any pertinent details are disclosed about this invention until a patent has been issued to the inventor (patent filed on October 2000). After agreement is signed, the inventor will gladly provide the prospective licensee with a working model of this invention. Also, if requested, twenty (20) sunglass / eyeglass frames of varied shape(s), size(s) and style(s) so as to prove that GripGlass unquestionably works.

The inventor is seeking a company that would be interested in entering into a mutually beneficial business arrangement to manufacture, market & distribute this unique mass appeal invention on a royalty basis.

Any seriously interested licensee, please send an email to the inventor (Luis Rodriguez) with your contact information so that you may receive a response from inventor's patent attorney. Please remember that you'll have to sign a "CONFIDENTIAL DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT".

Remember - Serious Licensee ONLY - Let's Not Waste Our Time - Thank You.

Inventor:  Luis Rodriguez, 8008 Cascadas Ave., North Port, FL 34287-1636
[email protected]