Hose Collar to Prevent Theft of Garden Hoses: 

NOTE:  This inventor has 2 other products available for licensing:  The Tab Top Device for opening aluminum cans and the Auto Tray Away which is a fully - adjustable tray that allows you to prepare and eat your food in a car. Click on either link to see that particular product.

Hose Collar:

This universal and inexpensive new locking collar prevents the removal and / or theft of garden hoses. Once your hose is tightened on the bib, simply install a collar and lock it, then your hose will remain there until you remove it. The Hose Collar works great for home, office buildings, apartment complexes, condo's etc. Shown here is a prototype model.

Inventor is seeking to license the item ONLY -- not manufacture it and sell it at retail himself.

Inventor: Brian Finmark, 2030 S. Cabrillo Avenue; # 101, San Pedro, CA 90731
Phone:  (310) 833-3857
E-mail:  [email protected]

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