Mag Crappi Candle:  U.S. Patent # 7,168,823
Mini Crappi Candle: 
Patent pending

The Crappi Candle is a fishing light to be fished vertically. The light capsule slides freely up and down the line which enables the fisherman to determine how far above the bait they wish the light to be positioned. Using a leader as a stop for the position, the light will rest above the bait being fished. This product illuminates the bait for night fishing, which gives the fish the ability to use their sense of sight that would normally not be used during dark hours of feeding. With the Crappi Candle, the light will illuminate down to the depth being fished, which is usually much deeper than what you would experience with just a full moon (where the light would only reach a short distance below the surface). 


Another important benefit is that the Crappi Candle also provides the light needed to un-hook the fish that is caught and to allow for re-baiting the hook! Using it eliminates the need for external light sources, which attract bugs, and are a problem for fishing at night. All the components are inside a water-tight capsule and powered by a small battery. The capsule is constructed from tough polystyrene and virtually unbreakable. The total production costs for this product is less than $1.25 each (including one battery) and will retail for $14.95, leaving plenty of markup for wholesalers, distributors and retailers. 

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Inventor:  Garland Jones
(806) 355-5631
[email protected]