Invention Evaluations:
The following companies offer evaluate inventions, and some of them will even help market your product on a percentage basis.
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Docie Marketing:  Ron Docie helps inventors with licensing and market evaluation, and gives real live assistance. He also has a new free help site for inventors: and a blog

Lambert & Lambert:  Performance-based invention marketing and patent licensing services for your invention, idea, or new product. They tailor a marketing plan for the inventor and personally present it to manufacturers. They also have written a book called Invent Secrets that reveals their strategies on how to market and license inventions. or e-mail [email protected]

Money 4 Ideas:  Author and very successful inventor Harvey Reese represents inventors on a percentage basis in industries in which he has experience and/or contacts. Harvey wrote the book, "How to License Your Million Dollar Idea." or e-mail [email protected]


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