Beard Brush:

The Beard Brush is a highly marketable, useful product. Over the last 20 years, menís grooming habits have changed so drastically that men are finally ready for this innovative yet practical product.

The cartridge design will lend itself to repeat business over the life of the Beard Brush.

From the very first time you use it, the Beard Brush helps condition the beard and the skin underneath, making it soft and supple. Its simple yet rugged design, with its four interchangeable heads make the Beard Brush perfect for every length of beard, from one-day stubble to Rip Van Winkle-length. Using it is very simple -- just insert a conditioner cartridge into the top of the Beard Brush, snap it shut, and you're on your way to the softest, smoothest beard you've ever had. 

Market Potential:

Marketing strategy includes: 

Inventor:  Rick Couvell, 10640 NW 37th Street, Coral Springs, FL 33065-2304
Phone:  954-796-9001 
  [email protected]

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