The "Mini-Dig" Garden Tool:

The Mini-Dig has 2 major markets:

The Mini-Dig is only 18" in length, and is made with metal blades and wooden handles. It is easy to store and small enough to pack.

The Mini-Dig makes it unnecessary to use a shovel or other large tools, or even hand tools, to effectively plant flowers, annuals, etc.  This tool carves out a very neat hole straight down with minimum effort, whether you're digging in sand, dirt or rocky soil.

The Mini-Dig is very effective in digging a hole on the beach to anchor a beach umbrella. Once sand is packed with some water in the hole, the umbrella is more secure than when placed in the sand with an auger type that the wind can blow out of the sand.

The inventor has tested the Mini-Dig at the beach and while gardening at home and found that it is highly effective and very easy to use.

Inventor:  Frank Corso, Sr.
Phone:  (407) 834-3845
E-mail:  [email protected]

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