Dog Pooper with Attached Disposal Unit:

The Dog Pooper with Attached Disposal Unit is the ultimate pooper scooper! It attaches to the dog's rump and belly, and it contains a disposal cup for the easy removal of dog feces. There are 2 different versions of it:  Electronic and battery-operated. 

The Dog Pooper with Attached Disposal Unit consists of:

1    The belly strap
2    The container strap
3    The container
4    The disposal cup
5    The leg strap
6    An optional arm
7    This adjuster is recommended for small dogs
8    This adjuster, is for small dogs, or animals
9    For the biggest of animals, this adjuster is used
10    FigureA, depicts a pooper for small animals
11    Figure B, depicts a popper for medium size dogs
12    Figure C, depicts a popper for the biggest of animals
13    Figure A-1, depicts a dog with popper attached for small animals
14    Figure B-2 depicts dog with popper attached for medium size animals
15    Figure C-3, depicts dog with popper attached, for biggest of animals
16    The shuttle
17    The electronic system

The Dog Pooper with Attached Disposal Unit is an improvement on prior art. It is invented for dogs specifically, but when the adjuster, as seen in the figures, is placed on different parts of the Pooper, a complete animal feces collecting has been developed, and it comes electronically or battery-operated. This is modern and is symbolic of the age in which we live. It's for the lifting and easy removal of the feces.

The Dog Pooper with Attached Disposal Unit is a container that holds a disposal cup. Attached to the animal's rear by its belly and container straps, it is adjusted by its adjuster for the easy receiving of the feces.

Glynn Brome is the inventor. Please contact Market Launchers at (217) 224-7735 for Glynn's phone number or e-mail address. Thank you.

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