Adjustable Interior Divider for Dog Crates:

Why purchase several crates when one crate does it all? This simple design features an adjustable interior divider for dog crates.

Adjustable Interior Divider for Dog Crates:

As your pup grows, simply move the adjustable interior divider to accommodate pup's growth. This also helps in keeping pup from soiling his area. There's no more need to partially fill the back of the crate with cardboard boxes, shoeboxes or other materials. When pup has reached his full size simply remove the adjustable interior divider.

The adjustable interior divider is moved very easily. By squeezing the curved section of the rods on each spring-loaded box the rods are retracted. When the curved sections of the rods are released, the rods expand. This is the same as the spring-loaded box located on the crate door. When the rods are retracted, the adjustable interior divider is easily moved into another position. When the desired position is located, release the rods into the holes in the side of the crate. The pup now has more room yet he does not have control of the whole crate.

Interior Side View of Crate with Slide Rails:

The adjustable interior divider can also be retrofitted to current plastic dog crates. To install the adjustable interior divider to a current plastic dog crate simply mount the slide rails in each half (top and bottom of side walls) of the plastic dog crate. After mounting the slide rails, drill holes in the sides of the current plastic dog crate using the pre-drilled holes in the slide rails. Then install the adjustable interior divider.

The "slide rails" could also be molded into the plastic crate when the crate is manufactured. This would be the ideal way to create a new product that would transform the plastic dog crate manufacturing industry into a booming business.

Front View Showing Slide Rail & Adjustable Divider:

The adjustable interior divider recently score a 89 out of 107 on a professional marketability evaluation.
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Inventor:  Greg Breza
Phone:  (360) 687-6472
E-mail:  [email protected]

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