Trimmer Hanger is designed to hold ALL handheld grass trimmers and hedge clippers (motorized or electric).

This is the SAFEST way to hang these types of power tools.

Trimmer Hanger mounts to the garage or shed wall using wood screws, and weighs in at 5 lbs. and is STACKABLE!

Trimmer Hanger is made of 20 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel and comes in powder coat Forest Green color unless otherwise requested. It also takes only ONE SQUARE FOOT OF FLOOR SPACE TO STOCK!

Trimmer Hanger is a storage and organizational product for use in the home garage or commercial setting, and can be used for other similar type products such as: LEAF BLOWERS, RAKES, SHOVELS, BROOMS, MOPS.


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U.S. Pat. No. D455.643
For our commercial customers:
Please contact,
Dave Aubin
Voice 541-412-2920
Fax 541-412-8105
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