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Most of the Major tire chemical companies recommend you cover your wheels before applying chemicals to your tires to prevent damage to your wheels. These chemicals on your wheels not only can damage the finish, but can also get onto your brake mechanisms. When used properly, our Revolutionary New WheelShield will prevent these harmful chemicals, and the dust, and dirt that sticks to them from damaging your wheels and brake mechanisms.

When folded, the WheelShield fits in the palm of your hand. The following list of features makes the WheelShield stand out.

Consumer Benefits:

Saves time and backache by eliminating secondary cleaning of rims.
Keeps harmful chemicals off of rims and brake mechanisms.
Protects the Consumer's vehicle investment by protecting the rim's and aesthetics.
Easy to use.
Compact for convenient storage in your glove box and console.

Retailer Benefits:

Very competitive pricing.
Retail friendly for blister packaging and display shelves.
All 3 sizes in one package.
Custom Screen Printing.
Many colors available.

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