November 1, 2002

J & A INNOVATIONS, LLC Develops the Revolutionary WheelShield, the Next Generation Auto Detailing Product

Utica, New York -- J & A Innovations, LLC of Utica, NY, announced today that it has developed a revolutionary new product called the "WheelShield". This new product is designed to shield the wheels and the exposing brake components from tire cleaners and other corrosive chemicals while detailing the tires or the rest of the vehicle.

The producers of most car and tire chemicals post warning notices about the potentially damaging effects of the various chemical agents. Subsequently, the producers recommend that users cover the wheels while applying chemicals on the other parts of the vehicle. In addition to corrosive damage to the wheels as well as the exposing brake mechanism behind the spokes, spotty chemical residuals left on wheels not only affect the "shiny wheel" finish, but also help attract dirt and dust deposits.

While alloy wheels become standard equipment on more and more vehicles, the cost of replacing such wheels remains high. Furthermore, expensive and unique alloy rims are quickly becoming popular as personal statement for vehicle owners. Today, regular, mass production alloy wheels retail for at least $400 a set, and custom-design rims sell for as high as $7,000 a piece. As a result, an effective and inexpensive tool to protect investment in wheels is essential and necessary.

J & A Innovations' WheelShield is developed to address just the issues mentioned above. A standard WheelShield package consists of three water-resistant fabric shields with 15'', 16'', and 17'' in diameter, an adjustable plastic grab handle that secures to the edges of the shields for easy handling and a storage pouch with draw-string closure.

As a first-in-its-kind car care product, WheelShield provides the following benefits:

Protection:    Keeps the harmful chemicals from alloy wheel and brake components.

Convenience:   The thoughtful 3-shield-in-1-pouch design is meant to support most of the mass production vehicles equipped with alloy wheels from 15'' to 17''. It is extremely easy to use, easy to clean and it conveniently stores (when twist-folded) in a matching pouch.

Affordability:   The complete WheelShield set retails for less than $20, which makes it an affordable tool for protecting a much larger investment.

For the ever-increasing wheels of many SUV's and performance vehicles, WheelShield also comes individually packaged with 18'', 20'', and 22'' in diameter, complete with matching metal grab handle.

J & A Innovations is confident that consumers will find WheelShield both an ideal product for personal car care and a gift item for all occasions. J&A plans to officially launch the WheelShield products at the 2002 SEMA Show in Las Vegas next week.

J & A Innovations is a diversified marketing and product-development company specializing in designing, manufacturing and marketing auto parts, auto care products and vehicular tools.

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