Patented Musical Potty Training Device available for license: U.S. Patent # 5,518,405


The patented Musical Potty Training Device is a baby product / children's product for babies and toddlers that provides parents and grandparents a means of potty training a child with comfort and ease of training and knowledge of the whereabouts of the child while the child is engaged in potty training activities. It provides a quality, entertaining, bonding time with child. This product assures parents of the whereabouts of their child while attending to other activities, such as cooking, talking on the phone, etc. It provides musical entertainment for the child while establishing a method of practicing potty training techniques.

The Musical Potty Training Device utilizes a music box mechanism for producing desired musical tones, is battery-operated, produces blinking lights and has a control switch on the back side of it. It is designed for children of potty training age, regardless of abilities.

This potty training device combines a versatile chair-type design wherein the musical mechanism is battery-operated and is triggered by the child pressing an activation button. The music activator button in one arm of the chair engages the music sensor, which initiates a musical tune. When the child presses the other activator button, the music stops and a new tune begins. The control switch allows the flow of electricity, but doesn't promote the music until the child initiates it by pressing the activation device.

Formerly, a child's potty training device was for the purpose of rewarding the child with a musical sound after excrementing into a toilet. The weight of the excrement would then produce a musical tune for the child to enjoy. The novelty of this potty training device does not focus on the reward aspect as all the other patents before it do, but instead focuses on the entertainment and educational aspects this potty training device provides for the physically-advantaged or physically-impaired child. The disadvantage of prior inventions was that the child had to sit for prolonged periods of time, and only after excrementing, was she/he rewarded with a tune and parental notification. This potty training device can be of several collective types embodied in one unit. There is now available a versatile chair-type potty training device which has musical tunes, can be changed by the child, and has blinking lights that correspond to the musical tune.


1.    The invention comprises in combination: A chair member with a seat, a back, and arms, wherein the seat has a central opening for the passage of excrement.

2.    A battery powered music box attached to the back side of the chair member.

3.    A music sensor located in one arm of the chair member with electrical lead wires to activate the blinking light which emits diodes (LED's) attached to either arm of the chair member.

4.    LED's are electrically connected to the battery box and the music box causing lights to correspond to the musical tune.

5.    The music box has an on/off switch to permit control by an adult supervisor.

6.    The chair member is removably mounted on an adult toilet seat to permit excrement to pass directly into the toilet.

7.    Can be mounted on a base unit which houses a removable receptacle for elimination of excrement.

8.    Member has a central opening lid cover which allows device to be used in combination as a floor or toilet top chair model.

9.    A parent will appreciate knowing the whereabouts of their child, and assistance in overcoming the learning struggles of a child's toilet training practice

10.    The adjustability the product has as a floor model, the ability to be placed atop a standard toilet seat and the adaptability for the chair model to be used by a child to gain a level of comfort with the product before introducing formal potty training is an advantage that this product has over its competitors.

11.    The chair is equipped with provisions to attach additional items on the back side for disabled children. Possible attachments may include items such as back braces to hold a child up; a head brace to help a muscular deficient child to sit up straight, enabling him to push the music buttons and to learn potty training techniques.

12.    The chair also provides helpful side arms to gently position a child in the seat.


This invention, the Musical Potty Training Device, will be in competition with Fisher Price, Century, Safety First Step by Step and Gerry, none of which have a musical potty training device for children. This niche will attract people who have children, or who want a special gift for an expectant friend -- most of whom are of professional stature and can afford $20 - $25 for a musical potty training device.

Since there are over 19 million children under the age of five in the world, (as reported in the for Dec. 1, 1996), the marketing potential is great.

The inventor is looking for a licensee.

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