Silken Bay Slippers:

Silken Bay Slipper:                                                 Zipper and sole detail:

Silken Bay Slippers:

How good it feels to get home, kick off the work shoes and slip on the comfy slippers. Some people consider shoes to be a necessary constraint of civilized society. To many people, barefoot feels best, followed by their favorite slippers. Silken Bay Slippers provide superior comfort as well as therapeutic benefits to the wearer. Get your guests out of their shoes and into "The Slipper With the Zipper!"


The creator of Silken Bay Slippers believes that shoes should be worn as little as possible indoors for health and indoor sanitation reasons. Silken Bay Slippers provide both comfort and therapeutic massage. They are, indeed, a treat for the feet!

Silken Bay Slippers will soon be available for retail sale. Please click here to visit the inventors' main web site and see what additional products they have in development.

Company Mission:

"Scientific research shows that quality environmental maintenance, through decontamination, contributes to consumer health, sanitation, well-being, and peace of mind. We will conceptualize, develop, and provide appliances, services and products that when used in a conscientiously applied program will reduce the harmful effects of environmental contaminants." - Shoe Butler, Inc.

Inventor:  Chris Jones, 2615 Lakeledge Street, San Antonio, TX 78222; FAX: (210) 648-5119. 
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