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LAST UPDATED ON: October 26, 2010

Exceptional Products Inc.:  EPI has taken existing retail products doing little more than collecting dust and turned them into hot As Seen On TV products in only weeks. We’ve also taken loose product ideas and rough prototypes and turned them into real products generating huge sales and earning significant royalties/profits.
Exceptional Products Inc.
12250 Inwood Road, Suite 6
Dallas, TX 75244

Guthy-Renker:  Established in 1988, Guthy-Renker is today one of the world’s largest direct response television companies with sales of more than $1.8 Billion per year and an average annual growth rate of 25% over the last 10 years.
41-550 Eclectic St., Suite 200
Palm Desert , CA 92260
Phone: 760-773-9022
Fax: 760-773-9016

QVC:  The home shopping network says it’s always on the lookout for new brands and products.  

Enventys:  A "soup-to-nuts" product development firm, which includes PR and infomercial (long and short form) services. Also does engineering & prototyping, advertising, public relations, and video production. Company is part of Inventors' Digest. Charlotte, NC. (704) 333-5335 

The Invention Lady, Jan Healzer:  The Invention Lady has consulted for Direct Response TV and Advertising for a number of years, so sees things also from the inside out. She will tell you ALL about about Direct Response TV .... Why she didn't do it herself and why she should have! She will tell you what direct response companies she recommends to her clients and why. She will share what to look for and what to avoid.  Give her a call at 417-827-4498. She may help you more than you can even imagine! She is not a free consultant but she tells you straight and it could be worth more than you thought in the long run.

TeleBrands:  The company markets some of the country’s top direct response television products -- including the PedEgg, GoDuster, PediPaws, and others -- and includes the Telebrands Invention Channel, which can be seen on television, the Internet and retail shelves, as well as catalogs and print advertisements in more than 40 countries around the world. The company recently opened an office in Mumbai, India, successfully reaching the challenging Indian market. The company has also launched Telebrands UK, serving the European marketplace, and has plans for other international locations in the coming years.  

IdeaVillage:  Originally conceived as a dot-com, IdeaVillage was launched in 1999 to integrate a Web-based product evaluation methodology with direct-response TV marketing. The intent was to leverage the Internet to scientifically select and validate new product ideas before fully funding them. While this methodology has evolved since the dot-com era, IdeaVillage continues to lead the industry in finding and developing successful new TV products. Building on its strong retail relationships, quality contract manufacturing assets and expertise in direct-response marketing, they have brought to market dozens of the nation's best-selling "As Seen on TV" products.

Product Strategies, Inc.: PSI is a fully integrated Direct Response company created for both the corporate client and independent inventor alike. PSI provides services in product development and global sourcing as well as infomercial marketing and retail sales. PSI will coordinate and manage all aspects of both long and short form productions.  In addition, PSI offers inventors its partnering services through its extensive network of Direct Response Marketers.

CPO Direct:  Company offers a combination of direct response advertising and media options, based on your needs. These include:
Direct Response TV (infomercials), Radio, Newspaper
, Magazine, Out-of-Home and Internet. They define the right media mix for the optimal result, and tries to avoid presenting a boilerplate solution. 736 N. Western Ave., #147, Lake Forest, IL 60045. Phone:  (847) 735-7365; FAX: (847) 735-9826. Contact Norm Goldring, Founder & Chairman, at or 

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