Indium as a Marketable Trace Element:  U.S. Patent # 6,007,847

"IN," # 49 of the Periodic Table of Elements:

This is a snapshot of the person who developed Indium's health benefits into a marketable product, Mr. George Bonadio, at age 80. Mr. Bonadio has been using Indium daily for over 20 years. 

He has not been ill enough to need to stay indoors in the last 25 years, ever since he started experimenting with Indium. He works a full week, every week, at least 50 weeks per year.

The trace element of Indium delivers many health benefits, including a younger appearance. Now it has been developed into a marketable product.

There are 3 questions that a company should ask when considering the addition of a new product for its product line:

What is it that I can sell abundantly, at a high profit and worldwide, exclusively?

Why will my customers want to continue to use it, daily, for the rest of their lives ?

How will my customers be able to afford to use it daily, all of their lives, continuously ?

The answers to these questions as they pertain to "In," Element # 49 are as follows:

You can keep the retail price way under $1/day, at an extraordinary markup, so that your extra profits will be yours to afford the expansion of your own production rather than needing to sell off your ownership stock, in trying to keep up with your expansion rate, worldwide, with Exclusive Licensing in many countries.

You customers will be using Indium, "In," # 49, which no human had ever been able to eat, because it can not grow into food. It has a long list of "deficiency symptoms" which are corrected by taking a pin-head volume of Indium daily. These afflictions responding only to Indium, # 49, quickly, just as we respond to supplementation of any other trace element. But only "In" goes all the way from 0% to 100 % of needs in one day. So these improvements are more noticeable than with other trace elements being improved from, say, 40% to 100%, in one day. (In History, Indium is only the second element to be discovered to be essential for health to mankind, by a researcher working alone. Frenchman A. Chatel, in 1850, discovered that Iodine, "I" # 53, was essential for health.)

Your customer's immunity systems will be working better as their immunity systems will be faster and more forcible, protecting them. They will see fewer and less severe cold and flu problems, as well as fighting off other contagious diseases. Also, six to ten hours of less sleep needed per week, for the same recuperation, is valuable, commercially. They remember better and feel their "sense-of-well-being" improve in their first week of use. Along with their tripled immunity to several bad "drugs," it helps the habitual users of alcohol to dry-up, and the dangerously under-refreshed caffeine addicts to taper off very gradually. These greatly improve both health and more, by the daily 'In" drop of way less than $1 per day. There are many poorly-effective prescriptions against either too high or too low blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, eyeball pressure, or too high PSA. There are many of the other 40+ items on the reported lists, from piles disappearing to libido returning to normal for both genders, without any danger nor overdrive. (The listed data is below.)

The "Important-Little-Secret" Information:

Many persons have gone into a new and good business and had greatly increasing demands for their items, for which they borrowed money, or they sold stock, to expand. They then found the demand still increasing so that they ran out of money, again, needed for expansion, and ran out of their ability to float more stock. So then they actually went out of business because they did not have anywhere near enough to pay the heavy demand for rapid expansions. They were going out of business because they were "under-financed." The real evil was in not having a bold and huge markup, on their low-cost item, because expansion takes a huge markup to expand all operations past 4 shifts per week (where we have been and seen). So "In," # 49 has a fabulous markup, in using a few cents of material per person per day, and retailing at many times that, under $1. The needed extra cash is there, without costing interest or dividends, but briefly earning a little interest until it goes into much more production, year after year, for the next 17 years of the Patent.

What Are The Options Out There?

There are companies out there which know about this item, but they do not know either its great benefits, which will insure continuity from most of the first experimenters, nor its great markups, which will pay for the burdens of a series of rapid expansions. As a result, we need a company which has the time, money and ambition for a nice rising income for the next 17 years by selling persons up to $300 worth per year, then to their families, then to their relatives, then to their associates, as the word gets around that school grades improve, invalids are less troubled, less sleep is needed or more refreshment is had, pregnancies are more natural with enough "Relaxin" Hormone and deliveries are faster with less trauma for each. Memories are more real, and even gross exertion runs longer to the needed stop (a just-retired race horse was nursed on indium for about three weeks, then entered into six local races, won all six, set two new track records on two tracks, was cleared of all chemical tests, but was disqualified "for obvious irresponsibility," losing all prizes and told to never come back). Is your company qualified to have the demand shock of a press report that "authorities proved that a natural trace element, which has never been in any of our foods and, so, is known to be not-needed-for-life, yet, is essential-for-our-health, in dozens of ways, where we now have no appropriate corrections, except in this In, Element # 49, itself?

Legal and Safe Authorities:

The item has no known commercial uses, other than this use. We bought out all the existing, and final, inventories of three chemical supply companies over a number of years. The FDA is prohibited, by law, from limiting the level of any "Natural vitamin or mineral," 411.

There is a series of hard cover books, by the HEW/FDA on "Trace Elements in the Environment" and book No. 5 is on Indium exclusively. They show Indium's great safety, as we use it. There has never been any reported human poisoning. By weight, the toxic levels for animals, per day, approximates 1,000 times our ratios by weight. The level for 50% lost lethally are much higher, thus being very safe for us.

The Indium Compound is quite active having a very strong and distinctive taste, which quickly disappears upon swallowing it. Because of its activity, it compounds quickly with many foods and so becomes inactive and useless. To avoid this, we take it only upon arising, and swallow it quickly, and avoid any other food, drink or medicine for at least the next ten minutes. A user can reach over to turn off their alarm clock then take about seven seconds to take a drop of indium, then go to the bathroom, then go to the kitchen and prepare some food. This routine will usually consume the needed ten minutes.

The late, great, Dr. Henry A. Schroeder, Toxicologist, took the toxic lead out of our gasoline and paint, and spent those last 4 years in his wheelchair, with MD, and included indium in some of his last test researches. His lab animals, on lifetime Indium, had 26% less cancers and 42% less malignant tumors, an excellent symptom for overall health.

How Long Will It Take To Prove It Works?

Indium is usually found to be beneficial in the first week, and several more benefits show in the second week, like the mutual normalizations of the libidos of both genders. Then more benefits show up over longer periods of time, some taking months. The normalizations of about 31 hormones affects various levels towards normal almost every minute of the day and of the night. This can not be well done by hormone pills, injections, frequent drinks, slow dissolving capsules or a special timing. See the kinds and times for many benefits listed below.

What Kind Of A License Agreement Is Available?

A typical License Agreement should include an upfront fee or purchase price and a Royalty, to the Patentee, of a percentage of the income paid by buyers. Royalties reflect the unique long-term continuing lifetime daily users numbers, whole families, whole classes, whole societies and, eventually, prescribed for these, then recognized Indium deficiency symptoms by respected researchers and physicians of prestige.

The percentage also reflects the very rare occasion in which an element was first discovered to be essential for health, and by a lone researcher, thus available to you instead of to a group owning and excluding you.

It is Patented in the USA and is Applied For in Canada and also in the 27 other countries of the European Union, for coverage of the 600 million persons most likely to be able to afford out of the 6 billion who need it.

Thus, a royalty, where nothing can be in competition with it, and everybody needs it, at 15%, is reasonable, 12% is acceptable, and 10% is the minimum.

The long term, of slow discovery stages, of 25 years to the optimum use Patent took up, or diverted, $200,000 as the real cost, to date. Much of this will have to wait until Royalties exceed that. Meanwhile, a modest Up Front payment is also reasonable to accommodate the Inventor's needs.

The usual precautionary clauses are needed for both Parties. This is the 15th Patent by this Inventor, and there are 22 more Applications awaiting the costs of the many thousands of dollars each will cost.

Is There Some Proof Of Performance?

Yes, while time favors the active responses, we are including a copy of a snapshot at 80 years of age. He is now 83 and guesses of his age average 70. Historically, after 4 years in WW II, at 28 his appearance guesses were averaging 35, or 125% of his real age ("War is hell" -- Sherman). At 57, when he discovered Indium, he was guessed near 57, or 100% of his real age. Now, at 83, he's guessed an average of 70, or 84% of his real age. Saving the appearance of 13 years in 26 years of time is worth your effort. If this rate of aging could be applied, it would significantly increase the average life expectancy of persons, in a lifetime, to heavily affect every activity in any country.

In other words, you can become tremendously important in world affairs, and also be very well paid for this, if someone does not get here with a better agreement before you decide to be that important.

After-Effects Upon Humanity:

Upon using Indium there appears to be a normalization of the 31 hormones controlled by the Pituitary/Hypothalamus feedback loop, so that the result is that there are fewer hormonal errors, so resulting in a longer life span. Nobody, now, can predict that several persons per year, will reach, say, 140 years old, only 18 years over the present verified record, but some symptoms do point in that general direction of possibilities. We will not know until about 150 years from now.

With Indium there will be the "haves" and the "have nots," the later ones being considered as the socially "deprived." The day will come in which there will be some way to see that Indium is available to these who will be seen as "deprived" without Indium, in some societies.

Education will be better absorbed so that students will be required to take Indium. Companies will find it is economical to supply Indium to their employees. Pregnancies will be rushed into Indium use, thereby almost eliminating the 14% of our infants being born deprived of some eye and brain capabilities, lifelong.

The National Pension Plans, wherever, will have to be greatly changed to defend the funds from the increasing lengths of life, including useful life activities.

A number of common afflictions on the list (see below) will almost disappear, so that some popular medications, such as for migraine headaches, will be, effectively, off the markets. In men the PSA numbers will almost stay normal. Pains of local cancers win disappear. In mice the incidence, in life studies, by the great Dr. Henry A. Schroeder, of cancers were 26% reduced and of malignant tumors were 42% reduced. He did not follow this up because he had been 4 years in his terminal wheelchair closing down his several grand experiments. His date of death was on, this one, the last of his several hundred papers.

The First Company on the Market Will Continue On & On: Bayer Aspirin is still with us, after about a hundred years, and is still the most effective aspirin, at good profits. Generations have thrived, financially, from that effort. You have your decision to make.

To Indicate Your Interest, You May Reach Us At:

The Foundation For Health
337-373 East Avenue
Watertown, NY 13601-3829

Or call us at: (800) 724-7460 or (315) 782-6664 and ask for George Bonadio.

Much Better, Much Cheaper, Much Easier:

That is, hormones like HGH, DHEA, thyroid -- some 31 of them -- are rebalanced about once per minute by your pituitary /hypothalamus feedback loop in control of all your hormones by the daily intake of Indium, in 7 seconds every morning. 


(c) 1999, 2000, 2001 by George A. H. Bonadio, Watertown, NY 13601- 3829

Here are direct quotations from my files of written reports to me, as discoverer, that indium is a useful nutritional trace element. Some of them are rather quaint. They were not aware of each other. Many of these were on indium for seven days and then off for seven days, and repeating the sequence three times in six weeks. Continuous use is normal. They missed the longer-term benefits, while testing for me and you.

Additional quotes include:

Here are from seven notarized statements prepared for the Commissioner of Patents, in a Patent Application:

From a Security Policeman at a local hospital:

"From sluggishness and no pep I changed into a feeling of happiness inside. People now tell me that I talk more friendly and smile easier. My sex drive has improved remarkably, for my 50 years of age, to like it was when I was 25. Not quite as much anxiety. Able to sit without being anxious to get up and move. A clearness to my mind."

From a Financial Trustee of the local Synagogue:

"Was down in the dumps at 76 but now feel radiant. Feel more like living. Don't need as many hours of sleep and not tired, anymore, when I get up. Previously I did not want to get out of bed. More interested in daily affairs."

From a Doctor (probably cancerous):

"A little more energy, I think ... lessening of rawness in right chest ... improved energy, improved appetite over past week ... totally free of irritations in right chest for first time in several months ... off from indium for three days, now ... discomfort again in right chest. On indium again. No rawness in chest. Vitality much improved again."

From an Investment Counselor :

"I am sleeping about two hours less per night but I am just as rested. More ambitious. I have more drive. I have been clearing up what I never touched before. I have such a sense of well being that I could run back from lunch instead of walking. Mentally I am more organized, more clear. I think of many things now. My mind is busy all the time."

From a Registered Nurse (probably cancerous):

"The symptoms I had yesterday (in a haze at times and forgetful, some numbness around mouth and tongue) have disappeared ... more energy today. Feel better generally. Sleep very well. Did not wake during night, usually do ... woke 1 & 1/2 hours before normal time and felt relaxed ... lost 3 pounds (overweight). Still feel much better than two weeks ago. Doing more things."

From a Retired Clergyman:

"An improvement in rest so that I awaken a full hour before the alarm and I am completely rested. A very definite libido improvement."

@ 1999, 2000, 2001, by George A. H. Bonadio, Watertown, NY 13601-3829


Nutritional Deficiencies corrected by Trace Element, Indium, discovered to be "Essential For Health," by George A. H. Bonadio.

The following are results from customers who measured the impact of Indium use:

For maximum effectiveness, Indium must be absorbed by mouth: One drop, daily, only upon arising, with no more food, drink or medicine for at least ten more minutes. On contact with many foods, Indium becomes compounded into uselessness. Meanwhile, with the wrong intake, the fall-off of benefits may take several times as long as the optimum time, so one may wrongly think that they are still absorbing enough Indium until they feel that some of the benefits have gone away. Drop onto the middle of your tongue and swallow immediately without putting it onto your teeth or under your tongue.

Copyright (c) 1999 George Bonadio, Watertown NY 13601-3829 (Now Patented)


1. How does it taste?

It has a clean, strong, metallic, tart taste. You will know it. It can not be hidden. 

2. Is it safe?

Yes. Tests on animals show it would have to be 1,000 times stronger to sicken mice. Most other trace elements are not that safe. Was FDA rated as: GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), before 1994.

3. What do I do if my child or pet drinks the entire bottle?

It is so very tart that they are most likely unable to do a second swallowing. Expect vomiting from the attempt. Have them eat any foods and drinks which they like, but not to excessive amounts. The food will absorb all of it harmlessly. In the Indium contacting food, the Indium will no longer be soluble in water, and can not be absorbed.

4. How fast does it work?

See the section titled, "AMOUNT OF TIME IT TAKES TO REALIZE THE VARIOUS BENEFITS CLAIMED FROM ABSORBED INDIUM." It starts affecting glands in the first day, but most new user benefits take about a week to reach a noticeable level. You do not take Indium, today, for benefits today.

5. How do I get the most benefits?

By taking it only upon arising, as it comes, before brushing teeth, with no other food, drink nor medicine for, at least, the next 10 minutes, or if for an invalid, wait for 30 minutes.

Stomach foods residue, the sleep up to ten hours after food, is desirable. Less time may compound your Indium into uselessness. Food near bedtime is bad for this absorption.

6. What benefits can I expect from Indium?

Long term reduction of rates of appearances of aging. Better immunity system reducing severity and duration of colds, bruises and hearings. Faster memory, less sleep needed, sense of well being replacing depression, and much more as referenced in answer # 5, above.

7. What is it?

Element # 49, Indium, which is never found as a water soluble compound, so never in any food, nor in bodies. About the tenth most scarce of all available elements. On the Periodic Table Of The Elements it now connects, into just one, the two largest groups of elements known to be useful to mammal nutrition.

8. How do I order Indium?

Inquire for latest information at:

Foundation for Health
337-373 East Avenue
Watertown NY 13601-3829

[email protected]

9. How pure is Indium ?

99.99%, that is, all the contaminants total about 0.0001 or one part in ten thousand. As the Indium compound daily average is about 10 mg, the trash is 0.001 mg divided among about ten other elements. By comparison, much aluminum is in clay in our soils. We usually eat 3 to 38 mg of aluminum per day, the higher level, 38 mg, is believed to be slightly toxic. This amount is over 380,000 times as much as could be in daily Indium. Few other nutritional compounds are this pure.

10. What is Indium?

It is a soft silvery metal that never dissolves in water, until compounded by man. It is the third heaviest molecular element known to be useful in nutrition, as Element # 49. Iodine is our heaviest molecular nutrient, as element # 53., then Tin as # 50.

11. Any precautions or contra-indications?

Not for use on broken skin, nor in eyes. May have no benefits for Type One Diabetic (100% Insulin dependent diabetic) see # 5, above. The very low thyroid affliction may correct too fast, thereby producing a unique pressure headache. This is the same as with thyroid pills too fast. It is noticeable only upon awakening and is relieved by any activity. Stop intake until cleared, then try one day per week, then two apart days in a week, then three apart days in a week, and so on. Do not use any headache or pain pill.

Make only fast enough Indium intake days increases to a modest headache level upon awakening. These reduce with repetition. Expect gradual disappearances of the symptoms of dry skin, dry hair, fatigue, anemia, light eater who stays heavy, breathless after climbing stairs, needs extra sleep, disagreeable about temperatures, and irregular bowels, happily. This is over a mater of about four months. It can not be hastened, because of the life cycle of red cells is about 120 days.

A source of iodine is essential in the diet, against these symptoms. The Morton LITE salt is especially effective in both rejecting excessive water and in supplying needed Iodine. Historically "Long term normalized thyroid is among the greatest of needed improvements in lifestyle know to medicine." The severest and slowest, to respond, is the older person with these symptoms, plus a visible pinkness around the whole loop edges of both eyelids. The effort is well worth it. Be patient. Very slowly increase the Indium to normal.

A family member should help them to gradually increase the amount of Indium taken in weeks. The temporary pressure headaches are only modest and brief, upon awakening. Use activity to overcome these, not pain pills.

12. Will it make me stronger?

Not directly. You will be able to find an extended limit to extreme activity as it hastens the removal of the lactic acid which accumulates from heavy activity. Thus the pain of that lactic acid will take longer to accumulate, very noticeably. This was shown with the horse that we mentioned earlier.


"After 26 years of experimenting with IndiumEase, with over one thousand volunteers, I feel that we will see qualified researchers verifying my opinions that we have significant steps forward in human and mammal health, in the following effects, when IndiumEase is properly consumed:

* These and other effects will bear significantly upon other fields, like retirement ages, Social Security, education standards, work weeks, etc." -- George A. H. Bonadio (discoverer of indium being needed for health)

Person who developed Indium's health benefits into a marketable product:  

George Bonadio, Executive Director of the Foundation for Health, 337-373 East Avenue, Watertown, NY 13601-3829
Phone (315) 782-6664
[email protected]

since April 18, 2002

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