Double-Ended Bottle: U.S. Patent # 5,829,607


Double-Ended Bottle:

Introducing for license or sale a unique new double ended bottle. The invention shown here provides a double-ended bottle adapted to stand on either end so that the contents in the bottle may flow towards and collect at a neck for rapid dispensing. The two necks of the bottle are restricted in diameter to allow control. The body of the bottle is relatively large so that it can be easily held by the hand. The bottle also has an inclined or sloping shoulder at each neck. The shoulders are designed to promote downward flow into either neck.

When a bottle is filled with thick materials this frequently slows down the flow. The user is inconvenienced by being forced to wait while the material flows to and then through the neck of the bottle. Also, constituent components of a fluent material may separate from one another over time. When the bottle is poured, the heavier components may fail to be dispensed, only the upper or lighter fraction being present in a limited pour. This problem pointed out a need that led inventor, Moheb Ibrahim to the development of his "Double Ended Bottle." This bottle solves all of these problems by having a neck at opposed ends. The upper neck is used until the amount desired has been used. From that point on, each subsequent pour is conducted from whichever neck has become the lower neck when replaced on a surface.

This bottle can be made in sizes and colors to fit any need. The design used by the inventor is simple and uncomplicated. This simplicity of design will enable it to be easily mass-produced at a very affordable price. It is a clever new item that has been awarded a United States Patent and is now ready for immediate introduction to a vast and waiting market.

Once introduced, consumer acceptance should be immediate. Marketing will be easy, as it can be offered through department, discount and grocery stores nationwide. It is easily packaged and shipped, allowing it to be attractively offered in a variety of specialty catalogues, including mail order. This is a bottle that opens up a new and highly profitable product line with unlimited national and international marketing opportunities.

THIS IS AN INVENTION IN WHICH THE INVENTOR HAS USED SIMPLICITY AND CAREFUL PLANNING IN ITS BASIC DESIGN. Because of this, the design is practical and consideration has been given to manufacturing technique. It is a product that offers some unique possibilities and one which deserves serious consideration from manufacturers in this industry.

Inventor:  Moheb Ibrahim, 1300 Greenbriar Circle, Baltimore, MD 21208; (410) 653-8769 E-mail: [email protected]