Introducing ...
Hogan Manufacturing Company's
"New Product Hunt"

Market Launchers has been hired by Hogan Manufacturing Company (www.hoganmfg.com) to assist them in their search for new products. Here are the details of their company and what kinds of products they're looking for ...

Hogan Mfg. is a 63-year-old manufacturing facility in Escalon, California, with a capacity of 200 employees. They manufacture wheelchair lifts and ramps for city buses and other products. 

They have complete metal fabricating capability at their manufacturing facility with Project Managers, Mechanical Engineers, a Circuit Designer, Draftsmen and a Field Service Group positioned throughout the United States.

Their specialties include fabricating items made of steel, as well as assembly & packaging. They can also provide the electronics for the products they manufacture. Hogan Mfg. does the mechanicals, the electronic controls, the whole thing. They have marketing connections, and the company is debt-free. They are looking to acquire new products, and they do not charge any fees to the inventor.

Here is a sample of some of their products:

Solid platform lift:

Automated can for trash truck:

Automatic HMI Speed
Sandbagger� Model ASB-3:

Currently they manufacture the following types of products:

1.   Handicap equipment used in mass transit; for example, wheelchair lifts for city buses and wheelchair ramps for city buses.

2.   Garbage removal equipment:

As a result, Hogan Mfg. is now looking to expand their search for the following types of products (in no particular order of importance) �

1.       Mass transit industry, i.e. products for buses.
2.       Garbage, landfill equipment.
Lifts in the handicapped community
4.       Alternate co-generation. This includes:

They are looking to acquire patented products that have the potential of selling at least 1,000 units per year, with a market price of $4,000 to $5,000 + per unit, that are made of metal and can be shipped by truck. (They do NOT want to make a bunch of little products.)

The company has been selling to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility market, and also the mass transit and the buildings / construction industry, as well as the waste market, meaning handling equipment and processing equipment.

The arrangements:

Hogan Mfg. Co. prefers to own the whole product outright, meaning they would prefer to buy the patent and all that goes with it, including prototypes, trademarks, customer base (if any), etc.

If that is not possible, then their next option is to pay royalties (they still pay royalties on one other product they licensed in). 

If neither of the above two options are possible, then they will fabricate or build the product to suit for the inventor.

Current in-house capabilities:

Naturally, the company is very selective in choosing which products to pursue, but if you have a product in any of the above-mentioned areas, we'd like to hear from you. They request that you send any product submissions directly to me at:

Paul Niemann
Market Launchers, Inc.
2614 South 24th Street
Quincy, IL 62305