The TRIPLE CROWN Xtractable (TCx TMU.S. Patent # 6,113,332

A REVOLUTIONARY NEW MULTI-PURPOSE CONSTRUCTION FASTENER SYSTEM projected to collectively save U.S. Construction over $100,000,000. in first full year of use:

The patented TCx fastener system comprises primarily:

1.    A 1" wide staple, crown-configured to both (a) secure material to a substrate and (b) be efficiently extracted (the staple driven by a retrofitted wide-crown staple gun).

1A.    WRAP-LASH (W-L TM) high-tensile-strength (hts) cord temporarily securing any pliant material moisture or dust shield over any construction or process to protect same from weather, contamination, etc.

1B.    WRAP-LASH (hts) strapping used as 1A above.

1C.    TCx temporarily securing planar material such as plywood to a substrate.

2.    (seen in 2A), a 1/2" crown conventional staple concurrently magazine-stored with the TCx and selectively driven by the same wide-crown staple gun used to drive the TCx.

2A.    WRAP-LASH (hts) strapping permanently securing the seams of pliant moisture barrier material to prevent wind-tear.

NOTE:    WRAP-LASH is not torn off (as wood battens must be) but is left under shingles or siding.

1.    The TCx fastener system would have saved $12,000 on roof and exterior walls:

2.    The TCx fastener system would have saved $1,100 on roof:

3.    The TCx fastener system would have saved $136 on transit-wrap:

4.    The TCx fastener system would have saved $15,500 on roof and weather-shield:

(The TCx fastener system was invented by graduate of 2 Universities in Architecture, 40 years experience in top management in volume construction, former national director of NAHB.)

Inventor:  Jim Hill, c/o Vanguard-Hill, Inc., P.O. Box 366, Medford, NJ 08055-0366
Phone:  (609) 953-8964
[email protected]