The "Creature" Plastic Bag Holding Device:

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The "Creature" Plastic Bag Holding Device sticks into a wastebasket – one plastic device in each corner. When a person runs out of purchased plastic bags, they can utilize the FREE shopping bags used by grocery stores.

The "Plastic Bag Holding Device" is made of plastic, and has a hook and a clip. The hook is to hold bags with a handle, and the clip will hold bags that come without a handle, as well as purchased bags that do not have a handle. This will avoid the ugly and unnecessary "overlap" of the bag, and will facilitate the operation of the lid. It is also adjusted vertically to accommodate regular size bags and much larger ones.

This plastic device comes in many different models – some are made of plastic and some of stainless steel. It looks like a "creature" and was originally named "The Creature." It can be cast with the trash basket, thus making it ONE UNIT, or it can be sold four in a box as an aftermarket unit, for existing wastebaskets to accommodate the bags. 

Please contact Market Launchers at (217) 224-7735 for the name and phone number of the inventor.