StripGuard Wallet:  U.S. Patent # 5,288,942  (Patented in 24 countries)

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Prize-winning StripGuard is a revolutionary new kind of credit card wallet that gives positive dynamic protection to magnetic stripe cards by providing a "keeper" (in magnetism terminology) to maintain, strengthen and protect the electronic code on the stripe. Uniquely, the material of which the keeper is made also guards against electrostatic discharges, thereby offering protection to the microchips on 'smart cards'. In other words, StripGuard protects all kinds of cards. Fully lab-tested and shown to provide five-times better protection than an ordinary wallet, StripGuard won a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. There is nothing else like StripGuard on the market.

Main Features:

1.    StripGuard prolongs the useful life of credit cards by enhancing and maintaining the strength and clarity of the 'swipe' readibility of magnetic-stripe cards and by protecting the microchips on 'smart' cards.

2.    StripGuard is used wherever credit cards and the like are used. Everybody who carries a credit card needs StripGuard to take better care of their card.

3.    Prolongs card life. Cuts down on the embarrassment caused by card failures, such as when you hold up a long line of people at the checkout or late at night when you can't get cash from an ATM machine to pay your taxi fare home!

4.    Protects ALL cards. All kinds of magnetic-stripe and microchip "smart cards" are protected by StripGuard - credit, debit, bank, store, security, driving licence, travel ticket, identity card - any kind of card that carries information electronically. Magnetic-stripe cards are protected by the ferromagnetic properties of the StripGuard and microchip cards are protected by the electrically conductive properties of the StripGuard.

5.    Easy to use. Just as easy to use as an ordinary wallet or cardholder. The special benefits of a "keeper" are built into the wallet itself so that users don't have to do anything different from normal -- simply put their cards away in their wallets as usual. The StripGuard wallet does the rest!

6.    Same size, shape and color as any ordinary wallet or cardholder.   StripGuard wallets and cardholders can be used in exactly the same way as ordinary ones. Users will not have to do anything different and will find no difference in carrying a StripGuard wallet.

7.    Made of the same materials as ordinary wallets and cardholders -- except for the "keeper" inside of course, which is made of a very special material!

8.    Users can still enjoy the same tactile pleasure from their favorite material -- plastic, leather, etc.

9.    Can be made in any style and color to suit all tastes. A fashionable accessory -- a style and color of wallet to match every outfit.

10.    Easy to make using standard production methods. Users will benefit from the low cost of StripGuard wallets.

11.    A high-tech item for the new millennium. A StripGuard wallet would be a desirable status symbol in the 21st century.

Other Considerations: StripGuard adds unique value to ordinary wallets and cardholders. Major card issuers could show that they are up-to-date with the latest technology by giving their customers a StripGuard wallet when they issue a new card. Sellers of insurance/investment products could give out
StripGuard wallets (bearing their logo of course) as premium items with their information packages. Department stores could sell luxury versions of StripGuard wallets to show that they are keeping up with the latest technical developments and fashions. Large corporations could issue StripGuard wallets to prolong the life of their corporate cards. Company vehicles could be fitted with built-in StripGuard card holders for their fuel cards. Need I go on? There are over a billion cards out there!

Target Market: 1,500,000,000 (1.5 BILLION) cards carried in the countries covered by patents.

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