Character-Building ABC Blocks: 

The Character-Building Blocks are intended to be a helpful support resource that offer another instructional opportunity for those who seek a flexible and affordable teaching aid. Mark Twain once said that "Words are a powerful agent."  We agree; therefore, an attempt is made to "overpower" the bad words with good words and themes. Through the useful and positive character-building words found on the Character-Building Blocks (R), this effort is worthy of an investment of time and attention.

Using the simple yet influential method of word association, we "tag" each letter of the alphabet with a key character-building word. That key word is supported and/or expanded upon by three synonyms that are on the back and sides of each block. Created for grades K-5th grade, each block, the words on each block start off simple and then get more advanced. An instructional booklet is available to offer guidance and suggestions for use in the implementation of the blocks.    Reinforcement of Self Esteem

These attractive ABC blocks provide a "hands-on" resource that assist in:

Mentoring Efforts
Tutoring and Reading Initiatives
Re-inforcement of Self Esteem and Values Initiatives
Promotion and Support of any Targeted At-Risk Youth Programs

Build Character In Young People, One BLOCK at a Time! TM

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Inventor:  Gordon Fulton, P.O. Box 637, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313; (888) BLOCKS1 or (888) 256-2571 or visit his web site at: