Super Plunge:  U.S. Patent # D 406,930

Tired of having the lip of his bathroom plunger fold up when used, the inventor modified this common household item into what he says is a sturdy and effective product. Configured with a flexible neck portion, and made from such materials as a rubber suction cup and wooden handle, the "Super Plunge's" ball-shaped head forcefully pushes a greater amount of water through toilets and creates more pressure for unclogging residential, commercial and business drains. The "Super Plunge" better accommodates water-saver toilets, also. In fact, the inventor has videotaped the "Super Plunge's" effectiveness in his own home. A working model is available. Because there is no new technology involved, the inventor says his product can be made at low cost. The inventor is looking to attract licensees and manufacturers.

Inventor: Oliver Wendell Epps, 2433 Winding Ridge Road, Odenton, MD 21113; (410) 519-3047. E-mail: E-mail: [email protected]