Patent-pending Flag Rack Display System available for license: 

The Flag Rack displays as many as ten flags, and is ideal for those who have seasonal flags. The idea for the Flag Rack came about when the inventor did a search for something to hold and organize his flags, but found that there was nothing on the market. 

A distributor is already lined up to sell the Flag Rack as soon as a manufacturer or licensee is brought on board. Could that be your company? The Flag Rack is easy and inexpensive to produce, and there's a huge market of ready buyers for it. 

The Flag Rack can be attached to a wall, or enclosed in a decorative cover or container. The hanger rods can swivel against the rack for easy shipping and storage (please see the illustrations below), and the Flag Rack can be made of chrome, brass and/or unbreakable plastic or vinyl.

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Inventor:  Peter Edelman

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