Beverage Buoy™

Anyone who enjoys water activities will enjoy the floating beverage container that holds drinks, upright, in the water. Made of plastic, the Beverage Buoy™ alleviates having to go poolside or back to the boat or dock for a drink. Through a trial-and-error process, the inventor tested buoyancy and ballast techniques to develop the prototype. 

The container raises and lowers itself, depending on beverage weight. The Beverage Buoy™ has been tested in lakes and pools, under various weather conditions. It has proven unsinkable, unless physically submerged, with or without beverage. The inventor is looking to attract licensees, manufacturers, distributors and investors. A working model is available.

Inventor:  Steve Doerr, 18 Leslie Lane, Monroe, LA 71203
Phone:  (318) 342-8566
[email protected]