Reasons to Buy the Cereal Snacker:

The Cereal Snacker can be taken in your car, boat, backpack, on your bike, or simply use it at home in front of the TV to replace those less nutritious snacks. Enjoy your Snacker and the many health benefits of a whole grain, high fiber diet.

Traditionally cereal has been utilized exclusively as a breakfast food. But in recent years the development of items such as Granola Bars, Cereal Bars, Kudos etc. has shifted the focus from breakfast and spawned a new trend to try to eat cereal throughout the day directly out of the box. Business Week Magazine 11/24/97 reports: "Adults are now eating cereal all day long - morning, noon & night, from breakfast to late night snacks. Young people keep boxes of cereal in their desk drawers and eat it like pretzels. Eaten dry out of the box, prep time is zero."

However, dispensing cereal from the box to the mouth with your fingers is difficult. Large flakes are not a big problem, but finer grain cereals such as granola, muesli, puffed rice, etc. present a problem when trying to eat these cereals from a cup or your hand. Now we have a device that solves that problem.


Cuts the risk of breast cancer. Wheat bran helps usher cancer stimulating estrogen out of the body.
2.   It may help prevent colon cancer. The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center found that eating 2 ordinary servings (1 ounce) of high fiber All Bran cereal every day caused premalignant growths of the colon (polyps) to actually shrink in size and number.
3.   Prevents constipation.
4.   Helps control blood sugar and insulin, lessening the risk of diabetes.
5.    Helps lower cholesterol.
6.   Reduces the risk of heart attack. Harvard University researchers estimate that every ten-gram increase in daily fiber intake could decrease a person's chance of having a heart attack by about 20%. This refers to the insoluble fiber found highly in whole grain cereals; refined grains have little or none.

Ref:  Jean Carter, USA Weekend, Nov, 3-5, 1995 and Health Magazine July/August 19962.

For the tastiest snack we recommend choosing a cereal product which is a mixture of grains, flakes, raisins, dates, nuts, etc. There are many name brands available. A sensible alternative would be to make your own healthy blend of products purchased in bulk from a health food store which can include multi-grain flakes, granola, puffed brown rice, muesli, trail mix, dried fruit and nuts. Mix these in a large plastic bag and transfer the product to a plastic dry food dispenser for ease of pouring into your Snacker.

Obviously, the Snacker may also be used to dispense these products individually, especially trail mix, or used for other popular snack foods such as popcorn, peanuts, and even candy, like jelly beans or M&Mís, if desired.