Pressurized Oil-Injection Pre-Lubrication system: 

U.S. Patent # 5,488,935 This automotive engine accessory is designed to extend the useful life of an engine (gas or diesel) by providing oil lubrication under pressure to the engine before it is cranked to start. It's claimed that 70% of engine wear occurs during start-up. Just imagine how long an engine will last if start-up wear is reduced. The trucking industry is striving for the 1,000,000 mile engine. How many can afford the soaring auto prices today? Get more out of an engine for about what a trailer hitch sells for. With over 180 million registered vehicles in the USA alone, what % of these would your company need to sell in order to turn a profit? I built mine from existing parts for under $60. It has 2 moving parts, proven reliable and easy to install.

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