Air Bandit: 

Have you ever had a flat tire and not had the tools with you to fix it? The Air Bandit provides a quick and easy method of re-inflating a flat tire. Simply attach one end of the Air Bandit to an inflated tire and the other end to the flat. Transfer about 6 to 8 pounds of air pressure to the flat tire. Repeat this procedure, taking air from the car's two remaining tires. (Air can also be taken from another vehicle's tires.) The Air Bandit enables you to drive to the nearest gas station where all four tires can be refilled. You can store Air Bandit in the trunk and it requires no tools.

You can drive (slowly) on 4 low tires, but not on 3 good tires and 1 flat. This invention offers much potential. It is inexpensive to manufacture and a tremendous market exists. 

Inventor:  Mr. Frank Belrose, 295 S. Howell St., St. Paul, MN 55105; (612) 698-8363