C.Y.S.I.S.  --  Convert Your Spreader Into a Sprayer:

Now every homeowner with a rotary-type lawn fertilizer spreader can change that spreader into a safe weed sprayer! Simply insert our invention into the hopper of the spreader, feed the hose through the spreader discharge opening, clamp the hose shut with the spreader's gate control, add water plus herbicide (always follow label directions) and proceed to rid your yard of ugly weeds. As the solution strikes the spinning disc, it is distributed evenly over the turf, giving you an effective weed kill at a very reasonable cost. Using this procedure, you could also apply liquid fertilizer and liquid insecticide alone or in combinations.

Larger models could also be used in large-scale operations such as agriculture, parks and roadways. This product offers much potential.  It’s inexpensive to manufacture and has a tremendous market. 

Inventor:  Mr. Frank Belrose, 295 S. Howell St., St. Paul, MN 55105; (612) 698-8363